A DRIVER who had a minor collision at a busy Oxford roundabout yesterday has complained about road markings.

The anonymous driver issued a report to Oxfordshire County Council via the FixMyStreet website, after a bump at Headington (Green Road) Roundabout.

He or she said Barton-bound traffic coming from the Eastern Bypass face confusing markings 'since the refurbishment'.

The report said: "There now appears to be no safe way to negotiate this roundabout without risk. It is impossible to indicate intentions as to do so would imply changing lanes.

"In addition, drivers heading to the A40 westbound exit appear to have an expectation that cars in the left hand lane will turn left, even if they are in lane and not indicating to do so.

"The confusing guide markings on the road therefore take these vehicles directly into a collision path."

The driver said he or she was 'hit on the roundabout' by one such confused motorist today, but said he 'luckily was a friendly chap'.

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Their more detailed explanation of the issue said: "Approaching the Headington roundabout from the A4142 Eastern Bypass, traffic to Barton is signed to go in to the left hand lane which then takes you to Barton via the gyratory without changing lane.

"However, cars from other entries to the gyratory need to cross over this lane in order to exit onto the A40 westbound.

"This means a high volume of cars needing to cross this lane, many of which may be in the 'incorrect' lane to do so.

"Since refurbishment, the roundabout appears to have additional 'guide' markings for these drivers, showing where cars might change lane if they indicate to do so in the usual way.

"Due to the poor state of many road markings nationally, many drivers see these intermittent guide markings as being the actual road markings (they assume the broken line is just wear) and end up cutting across the lane to Barton without realising they do not have priority.

"This is particularly the case in poor weather when the main markings might have additional visibility issues."

According to a response to the complaint, Oxfordshire County Council is investigating.