First-of-its-kind Refill campaign, which works to tackle plastic pollution, announced Oxford expansion.

The Refill app now allows people to search for places where they can take a reusable container for hot drinks, lunch and household goods, like washing up liquid.

The three-month pilot has kicked-off in Oxford and Bristol, where more than 70 local businesses, retailers and high-street chains have already signed up to partake.

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Oxford Mail:

The organisation behind this is City to Sea.

Their first campaign – the Refill app, which launched in 2015, showed people in the UK where they can fill up their reusable bottle, eliminating the need to purchase the plastic alternatives.

The scheme had huge success in Oxford, where another recent pilot – Waitrose and their 'Unpacked' scheme has also gained popularity.

Businesses in Oxford taking part include chain like Pret, Leon, Neal's Yard Remedies, Waitrose, ASDA and Morrisons, as well as 25 independent pubs and cafes, like Busy Brush Cafe, The Rose, The White Hart and Jericho Coffee Traders.

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Rebecca Burgess, CEO of City to Sea said: “It's brilliant that Oxford is a leading light in this pilot and I know the community will come together to lead the way.”

The Refill app shows 25,000 refill stations across the UK and boasts over 250,000 downloads.

Head of marketing for LEON, Rebecca Di Mambro said the company has seen a 300 per cent uptake since their launch of reusable coffee cup discount over 18 months ago.

She added: "Trialling refillable containers is the next step in reducing the amount of single-use material across LEON".

City to Sea are still looking for more forward-thinking businesses in the food and retail sector to participate in the trial.

To download the app visit: