A COWLEY Road takeaway has been slammed by health inspectors over its 'unacceptably dirty' kitchen and a food poisoning risk from the temperature of chicken.

Kebab Kid was given the second-lowest score of one star on September 5, following an inspection by members of Oxford City Council's health team. The rating means 'major improvement necessary'.

The report stated: "At the time of my inspection, raw chicken was stored above read to eat food in the kitchen fridge.

"To avoid cross contamination high-risk food and raw food must be completely segregated. Where only one fridge is available raw food must be stored on bottom shelves where it cannot drip onto high-risk food ready to eat."

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It added chicken was been kept at 45C but to avoid the growth of 'food poisoning bacteria' it needed to be stored at a temperature of 63C or above.

It added there was no food safe sanitiser or disinfectant available.

The report also said the cross-contamination risks were replicated in the cooking process, explaining: "The same tong were being used for cooking raw and ready to ear/cooked foods. This creates a risk of cross contamination. You must use different tongs/equipment or ensure adequate cleaning and disinfection between uses."

On food storage, it said curry sauce and rice was in containers 'not designed for storing food' and was therefore not safe.

It added: "We were told that items such as curry sauce are left to cool all day and are not refrigerated. To avoid the growth of food poisoning bacteria, high-risk food must be cooled rapidly and refrigerated as soon as practicably possible."

Cleanliness was another issue raised, the report stating: "Several hand contact surfaces such as the handles to the fridges, freezers and door edges were unacceptable dirty."

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It went on to add of the kitchen and basement: "Accumulations of dirt and food debris were evident beneath the equipment at the wall floor joints; pipework and low level wall surfaces were also dirty."

Inspectors warned this posed a risk of attracting pests, as did waste oil found stored in the takeaway's yard without a lid.

Manager Abas Ahmed said the business had followed the instructions set out in the report and he was keen to have the takeaway reinspected as soon as possible. He added 'unfortunately' he had not been in on the day of the surprise visit and this had led to some confusion among staff who were present. Kebab Kid was previously rated four stars following an inspection on August 1, 2018.