DOGS are now welcome in more than 50 shops across Wallingford thanks to a new scheme set up by a dog-lover.

Joe Quilter went on holiday to Norfolk and noticed a lot of signs in shop windows declaring the business canine friendly.

He said he wanted to bring the idea back to his home town, so started the 'dog welcome' campaign.

Owners of businesses can now sign up to the scheme, which lets dogs into the shop.

Passers-by will be able to spot that the shop is signed up to the scheme if they have a special paw print stuck in the window.

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Mr Quilter, who owns Cockatoo Bramble, said: "We needed to bring back the idea to Wallingford.

"So far we've had 50 people sign up. There's hotels, shops, restaurants and banks.

"I love it.

"It's a good idea for people coming into town now know they can take their dogs into shops and it's really good for businesses.

"I'm a big supporter of local traders and I hope from this new scheme they get a little bit more footfall.

"The third reason as well is sometimes dogs are taken outside of shops.

"I don't want that happening in my town.

"So far everybody's been really keen."

Shops signed up to the scheme include Shellfish Cow, Barclays, Shoes in Toes and Robert Stanley Opticians.