AS river levels rise due to heavy rainfall that battered the county over the weekend, some areas and roads have been affected by flooding.

Motorists are being advised by Oxfordshire County Council to take care when driving to avoid creating bow-waves that may affect properties or damage their own vehicle.

River levels in the county are high with a number of flood alerts in force.

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Currently there are two routes closed due to high water. These are Chipping Norton Road in Ascot uner Wychwood and the Oddington Bend between Merton and Islip.

Pedestrians and cyclists should also be careful as towpaths are submerged.

Oxford Mail:

Oxfordshire County Council’s Highways Group Manager Paul Wilson said: “People will have seen media coverage of conditions in the north of England. Our current position is very good in comparison but the Autumn as a whole has been very wet and the rivers have been gradually rising.

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"There are now a number of flood alerts and ourselves, the Environment Agency and other parts are keeping a very close eye on rivers and streams and also the weather forecast.

“The public are welcome to get in touch with us if they wish to advise us of any problems on the roads with rising water levels."