A MAN accused of raping a woman in a city backstreet told jurors she 'took advantage' of him because of his age.

As the trial into the alleged rape at Turl Street on May 4 continued yesterday one of the accused men - Victor Alvizu, 20, of Green Road, Oxford, continued to give his version of events.

Prosecutors claim that the two 'predatory males' - Alvizu and Nestor Macias, 37, of Downside Road, Headington - 'deliberately took advantage' of their victim after a night out in the city.

They deny one count of rape, one count of attempted rape and a further count of attempted rape, which is an alternative count to the rape charge.

Earlier in the trial at Oxford Crown Court Alvizu said the alleged victim had tried to kiss him in the backstreet and that he sensed 'a strong smell of cigarettes' on her.

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He said that the woman - who cannot be named for legal reasons - then put her hands down his trousers and touched his penis.

The jury heard that he saw no signs she was not consenting.

Under cross examination yesterday prosecutor Philip Farr put to him: "What was it about this woman who stank of tobacco and you thought was about to be sick that you found so attractive?"

Alvizu answered: "It was at that moment she touched my intimate [parts] three times and that's why I was inclined towards her.

"Because she touched me I was inclined, I was taken by her."

Mr Farr went on: "Why didn't you stop her, why didn't you say no this isn't right, this isn't a good idea?"

Alvizu said: "I think what happened was that she took advantage of me because I am young and that's one of the reasons I got carried away.

"She was fine, she knew what she was doing in the circumstances because she was touching my intimate parts."

The trial continues.