PRINT fanatics came together at the weekend to share their passion for printing.

Oxford Guild of Printers’ Wayzgoose (printers' fair) had around 70 tables set up in Kenneth Weare Hall at Oxford Brookes University on Saturday with press gear at the ready.

Those who attended included press printers, printing and publishing professionals and Fine Press collectors and dealers.

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People from as afar as Scotland and the Isle of Wight came to the event.

The group usually hold the fair bi-annually but also held a fair last year which saw around 30-40 people.

This year however there was a greater turn out with event organiser and chairman of Oxford Guild of Printers, Miles Wigfield, saying it was the 'biggest it has ever been'.

Oxford Mail:

Mr Wigfield, said: “Some of the fairs consist of people who attend for commercial reasons -to make money and sell goods -but it’s really all about getting people together.

“It was a day of good humour and friendship.”

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Oxford Guild of Printers has existed for over 25 years and its members meet once a week in the city where a speaker will talk on a printing or book-related topic or visit a noted library, press or museum.

It is not holding a talk this month however next month's talk is by Richard Falkiner entitled, 'The Pre-history of Moveable Type'.

Some members of the Oxford Guild of Printers include Bracken Press based in Yorkshire, Cleeve Press based in Leicester, Incline Press, based in Oldham and The Alembic Press based in Abingdon.

The group also hold fun projects and competitions where members can win cash prizes.