ONE of two men accused of raping a woman in a city backstreet told jurors she tried to kiss him and showed no signs she wasn't consenting.

As Venezuelan national Victor Alvizu took to the witness box for the first time he said that just two days after the incident he was in London for a trial with Premier League squad Chelsea F.C.

The 20-year-old of Green Road, Oxford tearfully told jurors at Oxford Crown Court today that it was 'the best opportunity of my life.'

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Prosecutors, meanwhile, claim that the two 'predatory males' - Victor Alvizu and Nestor Macias - 'deliberately took advantage' of their victim after a night out in the city.

The alleged victim - who cannot be named for legal reasons - claimed during the attack at Turl Street on May 4 she begged the men to stop.

As the trial continued this afternoon Alvizu gave his version of events from the witness box.

He said he had come to the UK from Venezuela last year due to political turmoil in the South American country, and had dreams of playing football professionally.

Recalling the night of the alleged rape he said he had gone out to the Oxford Retreat with his cousin to celebrate the news of his trial at the football club.

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He described the night as 'very pleasant' and said he drank five shots of Tequila as well as two Rum-based drinks.

Alvizu said he and his cousin then met the alleged victim shortly after 3am near Lloyds Bank, High Street.

He said the woman then started to talk to his cousin and asked where he was going.

They then talked about their ages, he said, before saying she was cold.

Alvizu then took off his jacket and gave it to her, he told jurors, before all three walked along High Street together in search of a taxi.

He recalled: "We were having a good conversation, we were having a pleasant time, exchanging conversation."

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It was at Turl Street, he said, that the woman tried to kiss Alvizu before she put her hands down his trousers and touched his penis.

Alvizu told jurors he became 'excited' and 'surprised' and she then turned around and he tried unsuccessfully to have sex with her.

Asked if he thought she was consenting he answered 'yes' and he described her making 'the sound of orgasm, the sound of pleasure.'

A passer-by then arrived on the scene, he said, and both Alvizu and his cousin left and went home.

Alvizu said that the Monday after the alleged attack he completed his trial at Chelsea F.C.

He said: "The trainer was from Colombia he told me I had all the skills and the ability with the football to become a professional player."

Alvizu told jurors that the day after police arrived at his home and he was arrested before being remanded to HMP Bullingdon.

The trial continues.