A FAMILY from South Oxfordshire is 'devastated' after the suspicious disappearance of their cat. 

Police are investigating theft after pet cat Olly, usually seen wandering near his home in Chilton, went missing two weeks ago.

The striking silver and white creature, who is a cross between a grey tabby and a Persian Chinchilla cat, is thought to have been stolen on the morning of Monday, October 21.

Olly is neutered and microchipped, and police said his tracker picked him up travelling 'at speed' at about 5am through West Ilsley in Berkshire, along Catmore Road, into the Stanmore area.

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It was there that the tracking device was switched off, and the speed suggests he was travelling in a vehicle.

It is thought he was stolen from a roundabout at Bury Lane, on the A34, just south of Chilton.

Oxford Mail:

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Owner Amy Smyth has set up a Facebook page called Find Olly, which hundreds of people have joined in hope of finding him.

Writing on the page, she said she was 'heartbroken' by the theft and urged whoever took him to hand him to a vet. 

She wrote: "Olly is a wanderer. This is why he has a tracker, a collar with a tag of his name, our phone number and address.

"Olly LOVES the outdoors but loves coming home to his family for cuddles.

"I appreciate Olly was miles away from any houses, so someone might mistake him for being lost.

"So why weren't we called? Why was the tracker turned off?

"Hence why we think he is stolen - let's make him too hot to handle."

She is confident there were no issues with the tracker's signal, battery or SIM data, or any other reason it would have turned off without interference.

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Thames Valley Police shared the appeal on its South and Vale Facebook page this afternoon, and also said the speed Olly was travelling at suggested he was in a vehicle.

Mrs Smyth told the Oxford Mail: "I just want him back, no questions asked.

"I’ve had him since he was eight weeks old, he is beautiful inside and out."

She said her daughter Felicity, who has special needs and goes to Fitzwaryn School in Wantage, is missing Olly.

The mother added: "My five-year-old son Liam cries himself to sleep.

"It’s just absolutely devastating to just take an innocent cat, that loves the country and being outdoors, away."

Anyone with information can call 101 quoting reference 43190331305, or contact the Find Olly page on Facebook.