A POST Office that closed without any warning has finally reopened.

The kiosk inside the Costcutter on Old Marston Road swung open its shutters to customers again – with the same opening times as before.

The future of the branch was thrown into uncertainty when it mysteriously closed without any warning in February.

Since then councillors and members of the community have rallied together to stress its importance to bosses at the Post Office.

Despite the national delivery service insisting it was only a temporary closure, Mick Haines – an independent councillor for Marston – said he would take 'no risk' and set up a petition urging the Post Office not to change its mind.

In the end nearly 700 people signed the letter – which was put online and delivered around the area by him.

The post master and owner of the Costcutter Sivanesarajah Pakeerathan said it's been a frustrating nine months, but thanked the public for getting behind him.

Oxford Mail:

He said: "People who come in are so pleased, and I'm really pleased too.

"I would like to thank everybody who's supported this.

"Before we didn't know anything about when it would reopen – for nine months, we didn't know what they [The Post Office] had planned.

"I have always believed it would re-open but it was stuck in between waiting for answers. It's just been frustrating waiting."

The branch has previously been described as something of an unofficial community centre for residents, particularly the elderly, to come together and socialise as well as conduct their day-to-day postal services.

Mr Pakeerathan added: "There are a lot of people coming in just to say hello. We're busy.

"Lots of people just come in to chat, especially older people just to speak about something they had on their mind they come in here to chat for a few minuets."

A spokesperson for the Post Office said: "We are sure the community will be delighted with the news that Post Office service being restored to this area and we understand and appreciate how much communities rely on our services."

Mr Haines said: "I am so pleased it is open again, it's been closed for so long and we really do need one here."