A WOMAN who claims she was raped in a city backstreet said the attack was her own fault because she was drunk, a court heard.

Prosecutors claim that Victor Alvizu, 20, of Green Road, Oxford, and Nestor Macias, 37, of Downside Road, Headington, 'deliberately took advantage' of their drunk victim and raped her.

They both deny one count of rape, one count of attempted rape and a further count of attempted rape, which is an alternative count to the rape charge.

The alleged victim - who cannot be named for legal reasons - said she begged the men to stop and was left screaming and in tears during the attack on May 4 at Turl Street.

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As the trial at Oxford Crown Court continued yesterday a number of the alleged victim's friends took to the witness box to detail the events leading up to and after the incident.

One witness - who we will not name to protect the complainant's identity - said the morning after she had a missed call from police and a message asking her to contact them.

She then went to the woman's bedroom to check what had happened.

She told jurors: "I woke her up to ask why police had called me. She told me that she had been raped.

"She was not herself, she was upset, she was shaky, she said she thought she was going to be sick.

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"And that she thought it was her fault because she was drunk.

"I had not seen her like that before and I have lived with her for a long time.

"She was not like herself, she was visibly shaky and looked ill."

The woman told jurors that her friend - the alleged victim - said at first 'she didn't want to do anything but after speaking to the police she changed her mind.'

Jurors also heard of the build-up to the alleged rape at Turl Street in the early hours.

The alleged victim, the court heard, had first gone out to The Swan & Castle together with about eight friends.

The university student was celebrating the end of an academic year with her friends.

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Earlier in the case jurors were told the woman had drunk about 12 shots of Tequila.

Yesterday her friends who recalled the night did not specify the exact number of alcoholic drinks that were consumed.

The witness described the mood of the group that night as 'merry' and said the alleged victim was 'in a good mood.'

She said: "I was quite drunk but still aware of what I was doing."

Explaining how her friend; the alleged victim, was he said: "She was drunk but perfectly capable to walk and she was not mumbling and stuff."

She said that once the group moved on to their last stop at Hanks Bar in Oxford the woman didn't drink any more alcohol.

Prosecutors claim that after leaving Hanks the woman was met by the two defendants who went on to rape her.

The trial continues.