AN OXFORDSHIRE primary school is getting ready for Remembrance Day by creating poppies to display in its own memorial.

Last week, Glory Farm Primary School invited members of the whole school community - including mums, dads, grandparents, children and staff - to be a part of a project to recreate a sea of poppies similar to the one created in London last year.

The school on Hendon Place in Bicester believes that just because events happened in the distant past, it does not mean that they are not worth remembering.

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It says it is important that their children understand the reasons and consequences of history so that they will hopefully prevent future generations from making similar problems.

Children also need to understand and be thankful for the people who sacrificed their lives – and those who continue to do so now.

Over two evenings, more than 40 families were involved in creating poppies from recycled plastic bottles.

These flowers will then be attached to some chicken wire and placed on the school mound on the playing field.

It will be accompanied by a sign which was kindly made by a parent to be a focus for the artwork.

Gemma May, who is responsible for developing Glory Farm Primary School’s children’s awareness of British Values, said: “The two evenings had a fantastic atmosphere and it was brilliant to see so many different generations from our school community coming together and working on this project.

“It was an event which hopefully has created special memories for everyone involved as well as providing opportunities to remember and learn about important events in the past.”

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On Monday, November 11, a member of the Royal British Legion will visit the school as part of the remembrance and the school will observe the tradition of a two minute silence whilst standing outside at the school memorial.

Glory Farm Primary School has held other events over the past couple of weeks.

On Saturday it held a Gruffalo fun day for Early Years Foundation Stage pupils as well as prospective families, allowing everyone to meet the team.

The school is also part of the European Union-funded Erasmus Plus project which is where children get to learn about different countries and cultures in the EU.

Pupils aged between eight and 13 from Poland, Sicily, Lithuania, Spain and Greece visited the school, staying with local families who have children in Year 5 or 6 at the school or Year 7 at The Cooper School.

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They tried new foods and discovered what daily life is like in England, as well as participating in fun activities and day trips to Oxford and Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Glory Farm has been involved in Erasmus Plus since September 2018.