A DRUNK woman was preyed upon by two men who took her to a backstreet in the city centre before raping her, a court heard.

Prosecutors claim that the two 'predatory males' - Victor Alvizu and Nestor Macias - 'deliberately took advantage' of their victim who had downed 12 shots that night as well as a jug of Long Island Ice Tea.

The alleged victim - who cannot be named for legal reasons - said she begged the men to stop and was left screaming and in tears during the street attack.

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Prosecutor Philip Farr told jurors: "We say that both of these men were in it together.

"One of them held [the alleged victim] by the arms, pinned her, while the other performed or tried to perform the relevant sexual acts."

Cousins Alvizu, 20, of Green Road, Oxford and Macias, 37, of Downside Road, Headington, both deny one count of rape, one count of attempted rape and a further count of attempted rape, which is an alternative count to the rape charge.

Oxford Crown Court heard at the start of their trial yesterday how the men had gone out to the Oxford Retreat pub, Hythe Bridge Street, shortly after midnight on May 4.

The woman, meanwhile, was out with friends first at a Wetherspoon pub and then at Hanks bar.

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It was not until about 3am when their paths crossed at Cornmarket Street, outside Lloyds bank.

In CCTV footage played to the court the men appeared to approach the woman after another man she was with left in a taxi.

All three then walked down High Street and eventually turned into Turl Street.

It was while here and in the shop alcove of Walters of Oxford, prosecutors claim, that the rape took place.

Recalling her alleged ordeal to officers the woman described being held by one of the men and having her trousers pulled down as the men positioned themselves behind her.

She claimed that she then 'started to cry and scream' and said 'please, please, please, please don't, please stop'.

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"I was not physically trying to fight them off at first because I thought, 'why are you doing this to me?' I just could not stop crying.

"I was just kind of begging them 'please don't do this.'"

The woman said she then fell to the floor before being raped and added: "All I can remember is still screaming and crying."

Asked by police how she felt she said: "I was not thinking anything at that point, my mind just felt completely blank.

"I kind of just sat like a child, I didn't know what was going on.

"I was just really sad, I was really upset, I remember being upset."

The rape came to a halt, the court heard, after a passer-by walked down the street and the men then left the scene.

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That man then made efforts to contact police, prosecutors said.

Jurors were also told that in the run up to the alleged attack the woman was 'significantly the worse for wear through drink'.

Mr Farr said: "She was incredibly intoxicated, she was as a result taken advantage of.

"We say she was staggering around Oxford city centre and possibly having vomited before the incident with these defendants."

In her video recorded interview with police she was asked how drunk she was on a scale of one - 'sober' to 10, what the police officer called 'absolutely shedded'.

She answered that she was a 'seven' and said she had drunk a number of alcoholic drinks that night including 12 shots of Tequila, wine and a cocktail jug.

Mr Farr told jurors that one of the issues they would need to decide in the case was that of consent.

He said: "The defence will suggest that said sexual activity was instigated by and was at all times with consent from [the alleged victim].

"That this had been a, drunken nonetheless, sexual encounter.

"We suggest [they are] two predatory males."

The men deny all the charges and the trial continues.