AN OXFORDSHIRE pharmacy has featured in a documentary looking at the potential consequences for the NHS of a trade deal with the US.

Journalist Antony Barnett was given a tour of the Reavley Chemist in Burford, which can trace its roots back to 1734 making it the oldest pharmacy in England, by owner Ben Tuffour.

Mr Tuffour showed some of the original medicine bottles still on display in the West Oxfordshire pharmacy.

Mr Barnett was visiting the chemist as part of an episode of the investigative news show Dispatches called ‘Trump’s Plan for the NHS’.

Speaking inside the chemist, he said the NHS's £18bn drug bill could be 'a lot more' if it lost the ability to drive down prices.

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He highlighted the dramatic difference between the cost of two drugs currently purchased by the NHS compared with their equivalent cost in the US.

The documentary claimed senior British civil servants had been meeting with representatives of US companies to discuss the future of the NHS post-Brexit.

In a response to the show by the Department for International Trade, they said: “The sustainability of the NHS is an absolute priority for the government. We could not agree to any proposals or medicines pricing or access that would put NHS finances at risk or reduce clinician and patient choice.”

The episode aired on Monday night on Channel 4 and is available online via catchup services.