A COLLEGE cafe has been slammed by hygiene inspectors after they found a rusty fridge, raw chicken stored above cheese, and out-of-date bolognese sauce.

Caramba cafe, based inside the Oxford English Centre, was given a two-star rating following a surprise visit from Oxford City Council’s health team on July 2.

A report from the authority listed a catalogue of concerns around food storage, temperature controls and allergen information for customers,

It stated: "The upright refrigerator marked as two, was rusted on the inside with only one shelf and an operating temperature of over 19C.

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"It was therefore not available for storage of perishable or high risk foods, this placed extra demands on refrigeration units."

It added the issue had already been raised eighteen months earlier during an inspection in January 2018, stating: "The unit must be replaced or repaired as the existing facilities are inadequate."

The report said another fridge freezer was also not working nor was the chilled display cabinet beneath the serving counter, instead being used for storage.

It explained: "Sandwiches and filled rolls were stored on the counter at ambient temperature of 15/16C.

"They were not protected or covered to prevent contamination."

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It added the lack of refrigeration space meant other units were overstocked and there was a risk of cross contamination.

One example highlighted was a pack of raw chicken stored in the fridge, above a pack of grated cheese and alongside salads, which was described as 'poor practice'.

The cafe was also unable to demonstrate food was been cooked or cooled safely.

Out-of-date food was a further concern, the report stating: "A bolognaise sauce [sic] dated as 'eaten by 28/06' was in storage. At the time of inspection this was already several days past the intended date of consumption."

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There was no staff training evidence for two employees, and food safety documents were also not fully filled in.

Allergen information was also described as 'inadequate'.

The Banbury Road business is run by the same team behind Fernando’s cafe, which is based at Carfax Tower. It has had a four-star score since July 2018, but was also previously rated two stars.

The cafe was contacted for comment but did not respond before the paper went to print.