A YOB who was given a final chance by a court judge after a rampage of street violence has admitted another series of violent offences.

Josh Abbott, of Mendip Heights, Didcot, carried out a one-man spree of violence and criminal damage, which included damaging a newsagent's, a car, as well as three assaults, all on the morning of December 27.

During those offences the 23-year-old 'punched a chip shop' as well as a woman holding a baby.

Judge Peter Ross deferred sentencing in April to give him a chance to prove himself.

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At that hearing it was revealed Abbott has 19 previous convictions for 54 offences, which include battery, assaulting a police officer and robbery.

At Oxford Crown Court yesterday Abbott was again behind the dock and set to go on trial for further violent offences.

In a last minute change of heart he pleaded guilty to some of those offences all committed on July 5 this year, three months after he was warned he would not get another chance.

He admitted one count of having a bladed article, one count of affray and another public order offence of causing fear of or provocation of violence.

The fresh offences were all committed in Didcot.

His case was adjourned and the matter will be heard before Judge Ross - who deferred the original sentence for the previous crimes.

That sentencing hearing will take place at the same court on November 28.

Abbott was remanded in custody in the meantime.