AN alleged victim of child sexual exploitation told police she was taken to a house in Marston before being made to perform sex acts with numerous men.

Naim Khan, 41, of no fixed abode, Mohammed Nazir, 44, of Wood Farm Road, Oxford, Raheem Ahmed, 42, of no fixed abode, and Afzal Mohammed, 42, of Randall Street, Oxford all deny a string of charges including rape, conspiracy to rape and indecent assault.

Prosecutors say that among their crimes they abused one child who was plied with cannabis before being raped or sexually assaulted at parks, in cars and at homes across the city.

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It is claimed that she was 'pimped out' to men and the abuse is alleged to have involved three girls, aged from 13 to 15, between 1999 and 2001 in Oxford.

As the trial at Oxford Crown Court continued today jurors saw more recorded interviews with one of the alleged victims - none of whom can be named for legal reasons.

During those interviews with police she alleged that she had been sexually abused by Nazir at locations around the city including University Parks and a house in Marston.

Recalling the alleged abuse at the city park she said it took place at an area called the 'Rollers'.

She said at the park he would 'make me do sexual things, oral sex and trying to say can he get his friend to be there as well and have sex at the same time.'

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Describing the alleged abuse the woman said: "I didn't really like any of it, he used to make me feel sick."

Jurors also heard her recount alleged abuse at a house in Marston which she described as 'really grimy' and 'horrible' which smelled 'like someone had died in there.'

Inside that house, she claimed, other men would arrive and she would engage in sex acts with them.

She detailed one occasion in which she said an Asian man from Birmingham arrived at the house and Nazir told her: "He just said come on just do this one thing for me, he has come all the way down from Birmingham or something."

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The woman also said she once saw another woman inside who she thought was drunk and had been sick 'everywhere.'

She said the woman was shouted at before she was 'throw out' by a man.

At that house, she told police, she was asked by other men to perform various sex acts.

She said it made her feel 'scared' and added: "I wanted to get out of there.

"I thought if I am not doing it there is something wrong with me. Obviously now as an adult I know it was not normal.

"It was disgraceful really and disgusting."

The court also heard of alleged incidents at Donnington Bridge involving the same alleged victim.

The trial continues.