DON'T knock on strangers' doors' is among the trick-or-treat tips being dished out by police ahead of Halloween.

Police are also telling parents their children should:

  • wear 'bright clothing'
  • take care not to scare vulnerable people
  • never go trick or treating without being accompanied by an adult
  • never go into a stranger's house
  • keep to well-lit areas

The force's Neighbourhood Teams for southern Oxfordshire put out the advice this week while also warning potential pranksters that they would be carrying out 'high-visibility patrols' over Halloween 'to deal with any incidents of anti-social behaviour'.

Oxford Mail:

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Other things not to do

Among the officers' other advice for 'a fun and safe Halloween' was the tip: "If a house is displaying a 'no trick or treat sign' please don’t knock on the door."

They also warned youngsters: "Children don’t be offended if your local shop does not serve you with eggs or flour.

"We have been working with local stores to discourage their sale to young people."

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Turning their focus to those staying home on October 31 this year, the force reminded anyone who felt 'nervous or unsafe': 'Don’t open your door if you’re unsure who is there. Use your spy-hole, look out of a window, and use your door chain if you decide to open your door'.

Download a Halloween do-not-disturb police poster from HERE