A TEENAGER was sexually assaulted at a house party while she was asleep on a bed, a court heard.

Predator Corey Reid had denied any involvement in the sex attack at an address in Banbury.

With a jury waiting and on day two of his trial at Oxford Crown Court the 23-year-old of no fixed abode changed his mind today and admitted one count of sexual assault.

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After the change of plea prosecutor James Lofthouse said the original plea of not guilty to attempted rape was accepted by the Crown Prosecution Service in light of his guilty plea to the alternative count of sexual assault.

The court heard that the teenage victim - who cannot be named for legal reasons - was enjoying a house party on the night of April 13.

She had been drinking into the early hours and she was with a number of her friends.

Later, Reid arrived at the house and was invited inside.

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By this point, prosecutors said, the victim was 'quite drunk' and she went upstairs to bed.

When another woman went upstairs she noticed the bedroom light was on, and on further inspection found Reid inside 'kissing' the teenager.

Her head was 'hanging down' and Reid was then told by the woman that the victim was 'not in the right mind for this' and asked to leave her alone, which he did.

Later on, however, Reid asked the girl's mum where the bathroom was before going back upstairs.

When the girl's room was again checked Reid was once again found inside with her.

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This time Reid had his trousers and his underwear down by his knees and the victim was lying on the bed asleep with her knickers pulled slightly down.

Reid was then slapped hard on the buttocks, prosecutors said, before being made to leave the house.

The court heard this morning that Reid does not have any previous convictions for any similar matters.

Presiding Judge Nigel Daly said he would adjourn sentencing while a pre-sentence report is prepared by the National Probation Service.

That report will explore all sentencing options.

While full mitigation was reserved to that final sentencing hearing defence barrister Nerida Harford-Bell said that there was a 'background of alcohol' to be considered.

Before the jury was sent home Judge Daly thanked them for their service and said: "If you didn't do this the [jury] system would just collapse."

Reid was remanded in custody to await his sentencing hearing to be held on November 28.