FROM the SpongeBob SquarePants tattoo to the plastic laurel wreath, this is maths just like the Ancient Greeks did it.

Oxford mathematician Tom Crawford got into the spirit (and toga) of some of his favourite Hellenic heroes on Monday evening for the latest bizarre event at this year's IF Oxford Science Festival.

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After stripping off and popping some leaves in his hair at New Road Baptist Church on Bonn Square, Mr Crawford – who is a real Oxford University maths tutor – told his audiences some of the most salacious stories about his top historic boffins Pythagoras, Archimedes and Plato, featuring murder, deceit and running naked through the streets.

Oxford Mail:

The ‘Naked Mathematician’, as Dr Crawford bills himself, promised to tell his students all about their mischief – mathematical or otherwise – as he brought the history of maths to life with live experiments.

Oxford Mail:

The nude dude at the church was followed by an altogether more spiritual event on Monday night when Bishop of Oxford Steven Croft joined Oxford University Professor of philosophy and ethics Luciano Floridi at University Church on High Street for a talk on artificial intelligence.

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Advertising that discussion, festival organisers said: "The brave new world of artificial intelligence is coming to a mobile phone, hospital or a supermarket near you.

Oxford Mail:

"What are the challenges and opportunities autonomous systems may bring as they are more deeply integrated within our human experience?"

The two talks are among more than 100 events around the city for this year's festival. See for a full programme and ticket information.