A LOBBY group which wants to ensure women’s voices are heard has insisted it is not ‘transphobic’.

Woman’s Place UK, which is staging a talk in Oxford on Friday, has been accused by Trans Action Oxford of aiming to erode existing rights for transgender people.

But Kiri Tunks, co-founder of Woman’s Place UK, insisted it was not transphobic.

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She said: “Woman’s Place UK was established to ensure women’s voices are heard and their rights are upheld.

"We are not a transphobic organisation and do not accept that rights for trans people must be at the expense of women’s hard-won rights.

“We look forward to a great meeting on Friday.”

Oxford Mail:

Trans Action Oxford, which opposes transphobia, is staging a protest demonstration outside the Clarendon Building on Friday at 7pm but has decided not to attempt to disrupt the meeting of Woman’s Place UK.

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Ms Tunks said: “We are pleased to see Trans Action Oxford accepts our right to meet and discuss our concerns, free from intimidation or harassment.

Oxford Mail:

"We appreciate Trans Action Oxford is acting in a sensible way - when we held a similar meeting in Brighton 100 activists turned up outside - it was quite intimidating.”

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Ms Tunks added that both sides in the debate about updating the Gender Recognition Act had been ‘let down by politicians and other organisations’.