A TOWN in southern Oxfordshire has declared its commitment to combatting climate change.

Wantage Town Council has added its voice to the growing environmental debate by declaring a Climate Emergency and establishing a new sub-committee to help the town act on this.

At its inaugural meeting this month, councillors pledged to take into account the environmental impact of its decisions and also to reach out to the local community, both householders and businesses.

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A budget of £10,000 - in part funded from savings - has been established to help local projects which will contribute to the reduction of the council’s carbon footprint.

The new Committee chair, Dr Angela Dunford said: “We look forward to working with local partner organisations, individuals and businesses to promote initiatives that will have a positive environmental impact.

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“Whether it’s community tree planting, waste reduction, energy advice or many other areas, we believe we owe it to future generations to play our small part in this global issue,”

Vice-Chair Erik Johnson encouraged members of the public to attend the open meetings.