THE world’s largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers is launching the annual Dog-friendly Pub Awards for the fourth year.

Rover’s Dog-friendly Pub Awards aims to find the UK’s most dog-friendly pub and encourages pubs across the country to welcome four legs as well as two.

Organisers say the awards also aims to promote dog-friendly values across all pubs nationwide - inspiring dog owners in the UK to discover and visit their local pubs.]

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Eilir and Charles Rogers, landlords at 2018 Dog-friendly Pub Award winner ‘The Dog’ in Suffolk, said: “We know that being dog-friendly is not just the right thing to do, it's good business too. Many of our regular customers come in with their dogs and we’ve even seen a rise in numbers of canine companions in the past year or so.

Oxford Mail:

“Being able to bring your dog to the pub with you is really important,” Rogers continues.

“We’ve had customers in the past who say they’d have to get a dog-sitter or choose somewhere else.”

The top things pubs are now doing to make sure pups are feeling just as loved in pubs as they are at home are:

Doggie drinks: Supplying fresh water and/or dog beer in easy to access bowls to keep pooches hydrated

Oxford Mail:

Snacks: Offering dog treats (perhaps homemade?) as a reward for being a good pup

Snuggle stations: Having somewhere warm and dry for pooches to keep cosy in the colder months, especially if the pub is near a walking route

Cool canines: Ensuring shade under canopies/trees in the warmer months to keep dogs cool and calm

Table Terriers: Allowing dogs to be present whilst you are eating your meal, and not over in a separate area of the pub (and if they do have to stay in a designated dog friendly area, ensure owners can dine there)

Warm welcome: Clear signs outside to show that dogs are indeed welcomed with open arms

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The deadline for votes is November 6 and winners will be announced November 20.