APPLES were chopped, crushed and pressed at the weekend at an event which saw people celebrate the fruit as well as a project that has been completed.

FarmAbility, an outdoor farm-based programme for people with learning disabilities and autism (co-farmers), hosted the event at FAI Farms in Wytham on Saturday.

The day started with co-farmers and their families enjoying a BBQ before they pressed apples throughout the afternoon from the farm's orchards.

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The group, which was made up of more than 100 people, then walked on recently improved pathways surrounding the estate which have been improved by the co-famers with support from a grant from Trust for Oxfordshire's Environment.

Some of the improvements included replacing five stiles with gates, upgrading four crossing areas and two sections of the footpath that had deteriorated.

Mat Carberry, programme administrator, said: "It was a great opportunity for co-farmers' families to see where they work, celebrate their achievements and get to know the team."