Free fiery biology, physics and chemistry demonstrations will take place at a college in Oxfordshire for families to participate in this half-term.

Banbury and Bicester College has partnered with the Royal Institution which will present interactive science shows.

On Friday, November 1, the Banbury campus on Broughton Road will welcome all to experience the The Explosive Food Show.

The one-hour scientific show is suitable for five to 14-year olds and presents interesting facts through fun, interactive and exciting demonstrations in two sessions.

It will be packed with fiery experiments revealing the potential of the food we eat and exploring the journey of the food through the digestion system.

There will be links to chemical reactions and energy transfers along the way as well as nutrition.

Suzanne Harvey, schools programme manager for Royal Institution, said: “The Explosive Food show is a delicious caper through the alimentary canal, covering digestion and nutrition in depth.

"Along with core biology content, there are links to chemical reactions and energy transfers along the way.

“Previous shows have been amazingly successful. Children have been really enthused and often we are sent emails by parents thanking us. They say they have loved the show and that it has made such a difference to their children.

“Many are absolutely blown away and thoroughly energized after watching with lots of children telling us that they are now planning careers in science.”

Children can get hands-on with surprising tests, shocking scientific facts and even the odd explosion as they learn about why food is so essential to our lives.

Specifically designed with a broad audience in mind, the show is an ideal introduction to science for all the family.

Leah Bryan, business engagement specialist at Activate Learning, which runs schools and colleges across Oxfordshire and Berkshire, said: “At the Activate Learning Banbury Campus we are really happy to be opening our doors to the local community.

"Having previously worked with the Royal Institution, we know how impressive their shows are. Science can inspire children and adults of all ages and this show really helps bring education to life.”

To register for the free hour-long morning session held at 10.30am to 11.30am or the afternoon session from 1.30pm to 2.30pm, go to