THE second and final meeting of Oxford's Citizens Assembly on Climate Change will take place this weekend.

The 50 city residents randomly chosen to decide what action the city should take to combat global climate change will sit once again at Said Business School on Frideswide Square from 9am to 5.30pm today and tomorrow.

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It follows the group's first meeting on September 28 and 29.

Having spent that session listening to experts on transport, waste reduction, renewable energy, biodiversity and buildings, this weekend this assembly will discuss each subject area and start talking about potential actions.

Oxford Mail:

The group will only be discussing actions in areas that Oxford City Council, which is helping organise the assembly, has control or can influence other statutory bodies to make change in.

The citizens assembly was formed after Oxford City Council unanimously declared a climate emergency in January this year and agreed to create a public body in Oxford to draw up a plan to reduce emissions.

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It was also created along similar lines to a proposed national citizens assembly on climate change that environmental campaign group Extinction Rebellion is demanding the government create to tackle the problem.

Members of the Oxford assembly are each being paid £300 in total for their time over the two weekends.

Ultimately, the aim of the citizens assembly is to bring together a number of recommendations for Oxford City Council to take forward and put to full council in January 2020 to adopt and develop.