PARENTS have said they are not put off by the prospect of being fined for taking their children on term-time holidays.

As reported on the front page of yesterday's Oxford Mail, Oxfordshire County Council has told schools that it will be taking a harder approach to punishment for holiday truancy.

Rather than issuing a warning letter as is currently the case, the authority will instead be more frequently using its power to dish out £60 fines.


The article attracted more than 200 comments on this paper's website and Facebook page, with many calling for term-time holidays to be allowed.

One mother commented: "School holidays aren’t affordable. I have always taken my children out in term time and will continue to do so regardless.

"That time is more important than a fine in my eyes."

Several parents said the fine was much less expensive than paying for the hiked-up prices of going in peak holiday season, criticising the 'rip-off' cost increases.

One mum wrote: "The fine is so much cheaper than going in the school holidays, so that’s easy maths really."

Another dad said: "If that's £60 for the total absence then its a bargain - sign me up for a term time holiday."

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Commenting on the Oxford Mail website, a reader said: "Personally I don't feel that councils should be issuing fines.

"I speak as a former local authority governor and former student, not as a parent. It is not a good use of capital and resources for the council to be micro-managing the parenting of children."

A minority of parents disagreed, however, highlighting how there are months of school breaks outside of term time that can be used for holidays.