STUDENTS living in new flats in Cowley have been accused of making life an ‘absolute misery’ for people who live nearby.

Linda Gleeson, whose house is opposite the flats on Hundred Acres Close, said it was a ‘nightmare’ since the Oxford Brookes University students had arrived last month to move into the 887-room Parade Green.

She said: “It's just constant noise, shouting, singing and laughing, sometimes you can lay in bed and hear the individual conversations."

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Ms Gleeson, who has lived in her home for 22 years, said the size of the flats also blocked her light and students bringing their cars to university had caused parking problems on the surrounding streets.

A meeting last week about the issue was attended by around 30 people.

Among those concerned is Ian Spacksman, who lives on nearby Kennedy Close.

He said: “I cant speak for all, but a few residents had concerns over the site being for student accommodation but we didn’t have any say in the size or design of the development."

Oxford Mail:

The view from Linda Gleeson's house onto the Parade Green communal garden

He added allowing 887 rooms was 'ridiculous'.

Resident Liz Watts added the parking was 'awful', saying: "Brookes assured us from the beginning that no students are allowed to park, it is in breach of their tenancy agreement and they could lose their accommodations. Well it now appears even though it is true about the tenancy agreement they have no idea how to police it.”

She said she was hoping for a Controlled Parking Zone but potentially had another five months of 'absolute misery'.

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A spokesperson for the university said: “Oxford Brookes recently invited Councillors Liz Brighouse and Pat Kennedy to a meeting to discuss the recently opened Parade Green halls of residence, which are managed by Unite Students.

“Councillor Pat Kennedy attended the very constructive meeting and a number of actions were agreed to encourage positive student behaviour and community contributions such as volunteering and litter collections.”

They added: “The meeting also considered how residents living near to the halls of residence can benefit from the use of facilities on the Parade Green site and the university looks forward to working with Unite Students, councillors and the local community to implement these initiatives.”