FOUR men accused of sexually abusing young girls across Oxford in a child grooming plot involving repeated rapes and ‘pimping out’ a child for sex have gone on trial.

One alleged victim of child sexual exploitation was plied with cannabis before being raped or sexually assaulted at parks, in cars and at homes across the city, prosecutors claim.

Jurors at Oxford Crown Court were told as the trial began this morning that one girl was ‘pimped out’ to Asian men and treated as a 'sexual commodity.'

Naim Khan, 41, of no fixed abode, Mohammed Nazir, 44, of Wood Farm Road, Oxford, Raheem Ahmed, 42, of no fixed abode, and Afzal Mohammed, 42, of Randall Street, Oxford all deny a string of charges including rape, conspiracy to rape and indecent assault.

Prosecutors claim the offences involved three girls, aged between 13 and 15, between 1999 and 2001 in Oxford.

Many details of the case can only now be reported after some reporting restrictions were lifted following a challenge made by the Oxford Mail.

Outlining the case before a jury panel of eight women and four men today prosecutor Alan Gardner said the offences took place some 20 years ago.

He said: “The case is about sexual exploitation of young girls in Oxford between 1999 and 2001.

“The prosecutions case is […] that the sexual exploitation took the form of rape, sexual assaults, conspiracy to commit those offences, the supply of drugs in order to facilitate these offences, and kidnap and false imprisonment.

“You will hear during the course of the trial three women […] who will say when they were in their early to mid-teens they were the victims of some of these offences at the hands of these defendants.”

Detailing the extent of the alleged abuse Mr Gardner said the victims – none of whom can be named for legal reasons – were all ‘vulnerable.’

Speaking of one of the alleged victims – who is the subject of the majority of the allegations – he said she was ‘treated as a sexual commodity for the use of older men.’

He said: "Naim Khan, the prosecution say, began to pimp her out to other Asian males, made her sexually available to other men in return for payment."

That girl – now a woman – was aged between 14 and 15 - at the time of the alleged offences.

He told jurors: “She was routinely sexually exploited over a period of time by numerous men: these four defendants in the dock and also other men to whom she was made available for sex.”

Outlining some of the specific instances of alleged sexual abuse Mr Gardner said the girl was raped at Oxford's Marsh Park numerous times.

She was also raped, prosecutors claimed, near to a bridge over a car park at Oxford's railway station as well as in University Parks at a location known as the 'Rollers.'

Jurors went to hear that on one occasion she was driven to a house in East Oxford where she was 'locked in a room' along with another girl.

There, prosecutors said, four other men arrived where there was an 'expectation' they would have sex with them.

Mr Gardner said one of the men asked 'which one was sleeping with him' and added: "That male said he was not leaving until he got what he paid for."

Jurors went on to hear that the alleged victim was also regularly supplied with cannabis by the men, drugs which were 'designed to make her more pliable.'

Mr Gardner told jurors the abuse was characterised by sexual exploitation which was ‘designed to extinguish freedom of choice’.

He added that the alleged victim said the abuse 'became normal.'

He said: "The prosecution's case is that she and [her friend] were vulnerable young girls being exploited; attracted to what these older men were offering, company and someone to hang out with."

One alleged victim told police, prosecutors said, the sexual abuse ‘made me feel like I am meant to be used like that, I am meant to be treated that way and I’m meant to do what I’m told and not say anything.’

All four men deny the charges against them and the trial continues.