Traffic has been delayed in Oxford after a lorry hit Botley Road rail bridge.

The lorry hit the bridge shortly before 3pm when an extended arm carrying a bin container hit the underside of the bridge.

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Police and Great Western Railway staff were immediately on the scene to free the lorry and direct traffic and it took about half an hour to free it, according to staff in Station Grill cafe.

Oxford Mail:

One GWR worker said: "People could see the driver was going to hit the bridge and were screaming at him to stop but he just carried on."

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The driver could be seen getting out of his cab and was shaken but not hurt.

Oxford Mail:

Although the lorry was stuck it did not appear to be seriously damaged.

Oxford Mail:

Police and GWR staff said they would deflate the lorry's tyres to free it from the bridge.

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A member of staff at Station Grill near the bridge said the lorry was stuck for about half an hour before it was freed.

He added: "This happens quite a lot with lorries and buses."