Drivers have been giving their views on council plans to use cameras to catch cheats using a park-and-ride lane to beat traffic queues.

For years law-abiding drivers queuing from the Botley interchange have been infuriated by cheats who use the park-and-ride lane to jump the queue, or turn into Seacourt park-and-ride not to use it but to turn around and get ahead.

Now the county council has announced it is one of a number of locations where number-plate recognition cameras will be used to fine offenders.

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Drivers today have been discussing how the new system will work.

Oxford Mail:

Andy Jarvis told "I'd guess the cameras will be concentrated on those that use the bus/park and ride lane from the interchange, cutting into the main traffic at the bottom, to jump the queue and dodge the lights as these are the people that cause the issues because the block the bus lane coming across the junction from West Way and they also fill up the gaps in traffic that would allow Vehicles coming from West Way to get across the lights."

Botleybaby said: "How does this work for tourists and people visiting who have never heard of ANPR?

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"What if they want to use park and ride but can't figure out how to use it because they don't have cash (if that's required) or UK debit card, or UK mobile or wireless roaming or some combination of all those things?

"Do they then get ticketed because they cannot figure out park and ride and the wind up just driving into Oxford?"

Little Miss Angry replied: "Tourists? They get fined just as we get fined in France, Germany etc. It's easy to be sympathetic but if you drive in another country you abide by their rules."