A MINI-crazy couple are gearing up to take their iconic car on an international adventure.

Tanya and Jason Field will today embark on a 4,000-mile round journey, from their home in Headington to the Italian Job charity run.

The Italian leg of the annual event starts on Sunday in Imola, near Bologna, but Mini enthusiasts will first have to get there and then drive all the way back, through cities including Rome and Turin.

This is the third time the pair have taken part, but this year is particularly special as it marks three major anniversaries - 60 years of the Mini, 50 years since the Italian Job film was released and 30 years of the charity run event itself.

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Mr and Mrs Field met while working as apprentices at Austin Rover Cowley, which became the BMW Mini factory, and even had a tiny edible model of one of their Minis made for the top of their wedding cake.

Including their three sons, the family have 10 classic Minis between them and two modern Minis, all with different names, including Trevor and Flash.

This year their 1971 Mk3 Mini Cooper S called Paddy will do the honours of transporting them through the European scenery, passing through France, Belgium, Germany and Austria en route.

Anyone who shares a passion for the Mini, or any classic car which featured in the Michael Caine film The Italian Job, can enter to take part.

Participants gain sponsorship to raise money for children's charities, and this year the event is supporting Buttle UK, which helps disadvantaged children.

Since it began, the event has raised almost £2.7m for various charities.

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It has also previously funded local causes, including a minibus for Woodeaton Manor School near Oxford.

Drivers ask businesses to donate to their sponsorship total, in return for having their company's logo on the Mini.

North Oxford Mini in Long Hanborough and Villars Hayward accountants' in Henley are among the Fields' sponsors this year.

Mrs Field said: "Driving to Italy in a Mini is just a great way to raise money. It's a long way to go but the experience is incredible.

"We convoy with other minis on the way so if you do break down, there's always help to get you back on the road.”

Her husband added: "As a 6ft 1ins Mini owner, I'm quite used to it being a bit uncomfortable, but I like the challenge of trying to get such an old car to Italy and back.

"Breakdowns are all part of the adventure."

A service van follows the participants, staffed by voluntary mechanics, to help the Minis get home in

Mini UK featured the Fields on their Youtube page in May, in a video that has been viewed more than 111,000 times.