AN Oxford which closed unexpectedly could soon be unrecognisable from the outside.

The owners of The Black Boy in Headington have made a planning application to put up four new signs pinned to the wall some of them bearing a new logo.

Since the pub’s sudden closure in June, the building has been sitting empty and unused – waiting for a new landlord.

Everards, which is in charge of the building, published an advert for the pub as a new business opportunity – but until now there has been no signs of reopening.

However, the company has asked for permission to change the signs outside and change the logo to a silhouette of a galloping black horse – very different to the orange and black double ‘B’ letters at the moment.

Two of the signs will say ‘The Black Boy, Eat, Drink, Stay’ and will be in different sizes at the front and back of the building.

Another will be a swinging sign, part of it will have a picture of the Everards founder's face.

The final plan is an illuminated box to display the menu – when it is written.