MORE than 1,600 Polish residents in Oxford this week voted to overthrow their home country's far-right government.

A total of 1,636 Poles went to vote in the Polish general election at Blackbird Leys Community Centre on Sunday.

Of those, 39.7 per cent – 642 – voted for the main opposition party the Civic Alliance, and 25.6 – 415 – voted for the left-wing Left Alliance.

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The result was almost the complete opposite of the one in Poland, where the ruling Law and Justice party received nearly 44 per cent of votes.

Commenting on Facebook, members of the Oxford Polish community expressed their joy with the local results.

Oxford Mail:

“Well done, Oxford!” was the most frequently repeated phrase.

Slawomir said the way Oxford Poles had voted was 'encouraging news' after the national result.

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Radek joked: “We can think about moving back in about 20 years.”

Others discussed whether the 15 per cent of voters in Oxford who had supported the ruling party would now move back to Poland.

Wiktoria wrote: "I hope the 15.4 have already booked their tickets back."

But Miszelinka replied: “Here in the UK we don’t have to think twice [about the cost of food] at a grocery store. In Poland they have to. I don’t support Law and Justice, but I can understand...”

Oxford Mail:

Some far-right supporters also expressed their views.

Leszek complained that the 65 per cent of Oxford Poles who had voted for the centrist and left-wing parties had voted for 'mobsters and the reds [post-communists]'.

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He added: "It fits the proportion of waiters, factory and storehouse workers and cleaning staff among the Polish diaspora.”

Piotr wrote: “It seems that those who voted for the Civic Alliance and the left have already forgotten who was in power when it was so great for them that they left Poland."

More than 99 per cent of polling stations have now sent their vote counts back to Poland to be added to the total.

Oxford Mail:

Although the final results are not due to be officially announced until tomorrow morning, it is now clear that the far-right Law and Justice party has secured a second term in power.

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Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s ruling party received nearly 44 per cent of votes, though the government position might yet be undermined, as the opposition did win a majority in the higher house of the parliament – the Senat.

The Pro-European conservatives of the Civic Alliance came in second with 27.2 per cent, the progressive Left Alliance was third (12.5 per cent), followed by the Polish People’s Party (8.6) and the nationalist Confederation (6.8).

However in Oxford the results were the opposite, with the Civic Alliance coming in first with 39.7 per cent of the vote, followed in second place by the progressive left with 25.6 per cent. The Law and Justice party came in third, with just 15.4 per cent of the vote.

This was the first time a polling station was run in Oxford for a Polish general election: ironically, the move was prompted by the Law and Justice party’s decision to scrap postal voting, with some exceptions for severely disabled citizens.