COURAGEOUS colleagues from an Oxford school are preparing to leave their classrooms for the clouds.

A team of three staff members from Pegasus Primary School in Oxford will throw themselves out of a plane this week, in hope of providing better equipment for young pupils.

The Blackbird Leys school's assistant headteacher Dominique Logan, nursery nurse Georgia Gildea and reception nursery nurse Bev Johnson are all preparing to take on the skydive on Saturday.

They are seeking sponsorship to raise money for 'new and inspiring resources' for young children in the school's early years provision.

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They had planned to jump at the end of September but it was rescheduled on safety grounds, due to the weather being too windy.

Posting on a JustGiving fundraising page, the team wrote: "We are fundraising because we want to provide our children with the best resources and equipment that we can.

"Our toys and books get handled thousands of times during the academic year - we need to be able to replenish our equipment and resources, so that our children can have the best possible experience in our early years setting.

"We also want to buy new and inspiring resources for our children.

"We are determined to provide our children with the best possible start to their education here at Pegasus."

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They will be hurtling from the sky from 13,500 feet and will free fall at a speed of up to 120mph, before deploying their parachutes and sailing to the ground.

It will take place at Chiltern Park Aerodrome in Ipsden, near Wallingford, which is home to skydiving as well as wing walking experiences and gyrocopter flights.

It is the first time any of them have attempted a skydive, but they said they wanted to do something challenging to have the best chance of raising money.

The primary school in Field Avenue teaches about 480 pupils, and has a large early years department.

This includes a room for two-year-olds, a 78-place nursery for children aged three and four, and a 60-place reception for children aged four and five.

They are about £200 short of their £1,000 target - anyone who wants to support them can donate by visiting