BOLLARDS have been installed outside an Oxford Islamic centre 'to prevent someone being killed' after a string of car crashes.

The wall outside the Ahlul Bayt Centre has been destroyed twice within a year, and remains reduced to rubble, following the incidents.

Most recently a drug dealer was jailed after fleeing from a car containing crack cocaine when it crashed into the wall of the Oxford Road centre during a police chase.

Now three metal bollards have been placed along the stretch of pavement by Oxfordshire County Council after the Islamic centre appealed to Cowley Marsh city councillor Sajjad Malik for help.

He said: "The worry was someone could be injured or killed if another crash happened there.

"I'm pleased we've been able to get something done to help."

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Centre manager Mohammad Dilpazir echoed this saying: "Bricks and mortar can be replaced but people can't. It wasn't the wall we were worried about, that will get rebuilt in time."

He explained: "My main concern was what happens if somebody is walking there when another crash happens. It would be a disaster.

"It's a very popular route with schoolchildren and is near bus stops so it is used very often."

Mr Dilpazir said the centre itself was used everyday by the local Muslim community, with around 20 to 30 people attending for prayers and lectures.

He added: "I feel happier now the bollards are in place, hopefully they are sturdy enough. At least it's more reassuring for people."

Oxford Mail:

The Ahlul Bayt Centre has been based at 1 Oxford Road since March, 2013, when the building, which housed popular live music spot the Exeter Hall pub until 2008, was bought by the charity.

The wall outside the centre has been knocked down March.

One of those involved was Kofie John-Welch, of Kingfisher Green, Oxford who was sentenced to four years and four months in prison last month after being convicted at Oxford Crown Court of drug offences.

They stemmed from a police chase which started at 12.10am on March 4 when officers attempted to stop a speeding car.

The vehicle drove the wrong way down a one-way street, going more than 60mph along Cowley Road.

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It was later found, having crashed into a wall of the Islamic entre, on the junction of Marsh Road and Oxford Road. John-Welch, who was a passenger and the driver, both ran from the scene but were found nearby.

The driver was convicted and sentenced for the offence in June.

Mr Malik said 'luckily' the road had been empty at that time of night.

He added: "There is not any other area in my ward which has the same combination of factors which make this road so dangerous."

He said he was pleased the county council's direct services had been so quick to get the bollards installed, adding: "Hopefully the well-visible bollards will encourage people to drive safely along Oxford Road."