CLIMATE rebels from Oxford have been arrested at an airport as part of a mass protest in the capital.

Some of the Extinction Rebellion activists, who have been occupying sites around Westminster this week, have moved on to London City Airport today to protest carbon emissions caused by air travel. 

Oxford residents Zuhura Plummer and Ben Kenward blocked the entrance to the airport alongside dozens of others from the group, and were both arrested by police.

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Others blocked exit roads while two other protesters climbed onto the airport’s roof to hang a hand-painted banner stating: "OUR FRAGILE PLANET IS DYING."

Activists nearby also locked themselves to bicycles and lay in the road to block access to the airport’s private jet centre.

Office worker Ms Plummer, 35, said: "Flights are some of the most unfair forms of carbon emissions.

"I wish I didn’t feel I have to do this, but look at the science – look at where we are heading if we don’t change what we think is important and valuable.

"Flights abroad may be cheap for us now, but it is our children and grandchildren who will be paying for them."

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Mr Kenward, a senior lecturer in psychology at Oxford Brookes, added: "One thousand children die every day from the effects of climate change. 

"This will only increase, and it’s coming closer and closer to home. We all seem to be sleepwalking towards this disaster.

"I’m willing to risk my liberty to help people to wake up to what is going on."

Metropolitan Police said more than 1,000 people have now been arrested this week in the protests, including around 50 at the airport today.

An Extinction Rebellion spokesperson said: "Today’s disruption is doing nothing compared to the lethal climate change and ecosystem loss we are on track for within our children’s lifetimes.

"We need everyone to get on board with our aims and join the rebellion to help save them."

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Scores of police officers were stationed outside the airport this morning after protesters declared they would occupy and shut down the airport.

Passengers arriving for flights were not allowed to enter the terminal without showing their boarding cards first.

Extinction Rebellion says the action will involve a three-day occupation of the terminal building.

Crowds sat down at the main entrance to the terminal, blocking the way for passengers arriving for flights and chanting 'fly today, gone tomorrow' in unison.

BBC Newsnight political editor Nicholas Watt said his plane from London City Airport to Dublin was grounded by a protester on board, who stood up to deliver a lecture on climate change just as the plane was due to take off.