WHATEVS, it’s time to chillax!

It doesn’t sound like a real sentence, but as of this month, it is... at least according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

The slang is among hundreds of new entries in the respected dictionary's annual update, revealed this week.

The refresh also has words from science fiction favourite Star Wars, ahead of the release of the new movie.

Fans can re-familiarise themselves with the terminology of the film series as lightsaber, Jedi, padawan, The Force and 'Jedi mind trick' are all slotted into the book of words, complete with definitions.

Fake news is also being added. Though it is not a new phenomenon, the definition refers to the circulation of inaccurate and untrustworthy news stories specifically on social media.

Also included are variations on the word ‘something’. Sumfin, summink and sumthin have all been added – despite just sounding like bad pronunciations.

Other new additions include:

• Angel-faced (having a face like that of an angel; having a beautiful, sweet, or innocent face)

• Beachside (the area by the beach)

• Buck naked (completely naked)

Oxford Mail:

• Chomper (a person who, or an animal or thing which, bites, chews, crushes, or eats something vigorously or greedily)

• Cocky (a cockroach)

• Easy-breezy (informal, casual, relaxed, carefree clothing style)

• Fakeness (appearing fake, deception and insincerity)

• Fakie (something fake or false: breast, fingernail, eyelash)

• Jafaican (a non-Jamaican person who adopts or identifies with aspects of Jamaican culture in a way regarded as contrived or inauthentic)

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• Jedi (in the fictional universe of the Star Wars films: a member of an order of heroic, skilled warrior monks who are able to harness the mystical power)

• Kapow (representing the sound of an explosion, a gunshot, a hard punch or blow and a sad noise)

• Lightsabre (in the fictional universe of the Star Wars films: a weapon resembling a sword, but having a destructive beam of light in place of a blade)

• Nomophobia (anxiety about not having access to a mobile phone or mobile phone services)

• Omnishambles (a situation that is comprehensively mismanaged)

• Omnishambolic (chaotic political person who is prone to making blunders or miscalculations)

• Padawan (an apprentice Jedi)

• Promposal (an invitation to be someone’s date to a school prom; esp. one which is elaborately staged, filmed, and made available on social media for others to see)

• Puckerbrush (dense and tangled undergrowth or scrub)

• Simples (used immediately after a statement giving a solution to a problem to indicate that something is very simple or straightforward to do)

• Simmered (cooked by simmering)

• Slam-dunk (a move in basketball)

• Sumfin (something)

• Summink (something)

• Sumthin (something)

• Whatevs (used in response to a question or statement to indicate that the speaker is disinclined to engage with, or is indifferent to the matter)