Thousands of enthusiastic motoring fans flocked to an event at the weekend which featured a ‘glorious’ selection of vehicles.

More than 6,000 people turned out at Bicester Heritage for the final Sunday Scramble of the year - some of them bringing their cherished cars in tow.

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Among the wide range of vehicles that filled both the Bicester Heritage Technical Site and the airfield beyond it, were examples of world-class exotics through to now-rare models, such as the 1965 Ferrari 275GTB which sat alongside an original 1964 Trabant saloon that had been driven from East Berlin by the original owner’s daughter.

Daniel Geoghegan, Chief Executive of Bicester Heritage, said: “Thank you to all who joined us for the October Scramble in what felt like a coming-together of all that is good in the historic motoring world.

“The combination of the relaxed atmosphere, opportunity to talk with the 40 specialists at Bicester Heritage and diverse collection of cars and motorbikes was clearly a winner for enthusiasts and their families.”

Creating a noisy spectacle and delighting motorsports fans were a pair of historic F1 cars on open display.

Mercedes-Benz AMG delighted crowds by programming one of its heritage F1 cars to play 'God Save the Queen' with its rumbling engine.

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Also on display were the 2011 Marusia MRV-02, eye-catching in its red and black Virgin livery, and the 1998 Minardi M198-V10 which could be heard across the site when it was fired up and put through its warm-up cycle throughout the morning.

There was something for everyone including supercar enthusiasts who were treated to a rare public viewing of the Ian Callum-designed Aston Martin Vantage 25, of which only 25 will be made.

The legendary designer was also on hand to talk about the car and explain how he went about creating it.

Bikes made their first appearance at a scramble event with a classic bike display in the Events Hangar 113 allowing people to explore bikes from over the eras.