CITY councillors agreed to do all they can to stop ‘another Windrush-like scandal unfolding’.

All councillors said they will support EU nationals in the face of Brexit uncertainty.

Fresh from concerns about the way EU citizens have been dealt with since the referendum in June 2016, two councillors said they had been rejected by the Home Office in applying for settled status.

Labour’s Nadine Bely-Summers and Tiago Corais, who were both elected in May 2018, said they had previously been unable to secure permanent residency.

Mrs Bely-Summers said: “In 2017, I applied for permanent residency and it was rejected. I had been living in this country since 1995, I’d been married for 17 years, I’d been a nurse for 20 years, owning a property here in Oxford – and they rejected my residency, to my horror and to the horror of my husband.”

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She added: “The bottom of my world opened up – and I’ve always felt very welcome in this country and it changed a bit of the way of seeing things.”

Liberal Democrat councillor Stefanie Garden proposed a motion that asked the authority to note that: “EU nationals are part of our shared communities. They are our husbands, wives, parents, friends and colleagues. They are an integral part of a vibrant and thriving Oxfordshire.”

She added: “After three years of living in limbo, their homes and livelihoods are yet again being threatened by the further uncertainty brought about by the prospect of an even more chaotic no-deal Brexit.”

The motion gained unanimous support.

City councillors overwhelmingly supported a People’s Vote at a meeting in July 2018.