CITY councillors agreed to support children who went on ‘strike’ during school to campaign against climate change.

Thousands of children in Oxford have missed school over recent months to call for action to mitigate climate change problem, inspired by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg.

So many gathered during a recent strike in Bonn Square that another held on September 20 took place in Broad Street, where there was more room.

But a motion calling for pupils to take part in climate strikes was subject of a proposed amendment by Labour councillor Louise Upton.

The cabinet member for Healthy Oxford said: “I do not believe this council should be encouraging children to miss school. We are the adults here and I don’t think that we can say one issue is more important than another.”

She said she felt climate change is ‘terrifying’ – but if children want to campaign they should do it ‘at the weekend or at 4pm’.

Just eight of her colleagues agreed with her.

Another 32 voted against her amendment.

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September 20's protest in Oxford was just one of a number held across the country and the world.

At the time, education secretary Gavin Williamson said all children should be in school.

He added: “They should be learning, they shouldn’t be bunking off and it’s very irresponsible for people to encourage children to do so.”

Labour councillor Tom Hayes said ‘going out on strike is a key part’ of climate change awareness and that the authority must support children taking the action.

He said that his own experiences in politics had shown that it was ‘really helpful to learn out on the streets'.

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Another Labour councillor went further.

Martyn Rush said he felt there should be ‘a general strike against climate change’ to highlight the dangers the world faces.

The city council agreed it will set up a Climate Advisory Group ‘to build on the aims’ of its Citizens Assembly. That will meet later this month after a weekend discussing climate change was first held in September.

The council agreed it would not pre-empt any of the assembly’s conclusions in setting up its Climate Advisory Group.