DRIVERS who parked in a prohibited area returned to find their cars missing, after they were seized by police.

Part of Edward Street in Abingdon has been coned off this week as part of a temporary traffic order, banning parking during the town's Michaelmas Fair.

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But several drivers appeared to ignore the restriction, as an image issued by Thames Valley Police showed at least three cars parked next to the line of cones.

In a post on the TVP South and Vale Facebook page yesterday, officers said: "Did you leave your car parked on Edward Street, Abingdon, despite the temporary traffic order? 

"Have you noticed that your car isn't there any more? 

"We had to put traffic management in place on Spring Road for half an hour whilst all three of these vehicles were removed.

"To find out where we've taken them, phone 101.

"Please remember to consider whether a fire engine could fit through the space you've left."

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Though some commenters highlighted how the road is not usually accessible to emergency service vehicles anyway due to its width, others highlighted how emergency vehicles were having to reroute from their usual paths due to road closures elsewhere in the town. 

Some people who responded on Facebook said the behaviour of the drivers was 'disgusting' and 'inconsiderate,' but others defended their actions.

Commenting on the post, one man who lives in the road said: "The cones were there for the fair, no one is concerned about traffic there for the other 362 days a year!

"I've only just moved onto the road and never knew nothing of it until I got home Sunday night - I hope these people get there cars back for free."

Another said: "There are multiple reasons why those cars could have been parked there legally and those drivers need have no knowledge that the parking restrictions would be put into force some time after.

"People often have to park streets away from their houses in that part of Abingdon. As is clear from the photo, the cones have been put out with the cars in situ."

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One Abingdon resident added: "The cones were on top of the cars when I drove down there after the school run."

Several others said they saw people parking between the cones on nearby Spring Road. 

The annual Michaelmas Fair started yesterday and finishes today, but temporary traffic restrictions started on 8am on Sunday and continue until 9am tomorrow.

Affected roads include Market Place, High Street, The Square, Ock Street, Stratton Way and West St Helen Street.

There are no-waiting zones on the north side of Edward Street, between Victoria Road and Spring Road, on both sides of Bostock Road, between Mullard Way and Victoria Road and on both sides of Mullard Way.