AN OXFORD pensioner was one of 23 people arrested in Extinction Rebellion protests at the weekend.

81-year-old Sarah Lasenby was part of a large group who were blocking Embankment with a car, close to the Ministry of Defence building, and attaching themselves to a fake missile.

She was cuffed by Met Police.

It comes after campaigners took to the London Streets to call for more to be done to address climate change. 

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Retired social worker Ms Lasenby said: "For 21 years my main concern has been to help get rid of UK nuclear weapons.

"I am still keen to do this but once I came across XR (Extinction Rebellion) I was so relieved to have something I could do about the ghastly state we have got our planet in.

"The directness of the students with statements 'there is no planet B' and 'it is our futures' has driven me on.

"The whole thing is so urgent that it is imperative the Government should take serious actions and put pressure on other states and global powers to radically reduce the use of fossil fuels even if this means we need to reduce our comfort at home and so much flying.

"The future life of the planet is so important. So I protest with XR peace."