CITY councillors have vowed to do all they can to stop a controversial plan for new student flats above a supermarket in Cowley Road.

Developers want to build 137 new apartments above the Tesco Metro in the trendy area, which is popular with students.

But they have been met with more than 100 objections, with some saying the flats would mean too many students would live nearby.

Reacting to an Oxford Mail story about the developments that said city council officers have recommended that the project should be approved, St Clement’s ward councillor Tom Hayes tweeted: “Not if St Clement’s councillors can help it.

“We [Mr Hayes and other St Clement’s councillor Jamila Azad] called in the application and I’ll be speaking at the planning meeting in opposition to the student accommodation use for this development.

“There is an urgent need for more residential accommodation.”

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The meeting will be held at Oxford Town Hall tomorrow.

Mr Hayes added: “The proposed development would boost the student economy in the local area at the expense of a mix of local businesses, services, and accommodation.

“We’d see an increasing studentification of the area and shift of the local population away from the diverse mix in East Oxford.”

Three floors would be built on top of the Tesco supermarket but the retail giant has said that will not affect any of its floorspace. That will remain the same.

The company said it will remain a Metro store, despite many worrying it would be reduced to an Express.

Residents had worried that would lead to reduced choice.

Other residents have criticised the scheme and said the Cowley Road area is already ‘overpopulated’ with students.

But city council planning officers have said the project would make the ‘best and most efficient use of land’ available to developers.

The council’s West Area planning committee will hear about the applications from 6pm.

It will also hear about applications for Gibbs Crescent, in West Oxford, and Simon House, in Paradise Street, which were pulled from a recent meeting.

A2Dominion wants to demolish homes at both spots and build new housing there.