SHOPPERS were full of curiosity yesterday afternoon as they watched protesters dressed in striking red sweep through Oxford city centre.

The Red Rebels, who are a branch of Extinction Rebellion, took to the streets for the first time to make people aware of the effects of climate change.

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The demonstrators were dressed in bright red to signify the blood of species that have died as a result of climate change, as well as those that will die in the future.

Oxford Mail:

Their faces were painted in white, adding to the bold display, and they mimed showing different facial expressions and movements to emphasise the 'emotions' that climate change can cause. 

Shoppers watched them pass by as they walked around Radcliffe Camera, down Broad Street and Cornmarket Street, intrigued as to what the demonstration was all about.

Anne Taylor said: “The slow mime of their actions is truly mesmerising and arouses deep emotions of grief, despair, hope, joy, love.

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“Watching their slow, silent progress along the streets and seeing their extraordinary tableaux, is an invitation to stop and think, to reflect, to become immersed in their peaceful, compassionate empathy for our world.”

Oxford Mail:

There are now branches of Red Rebels in many towns and cities around Britain and around the world.

Yesterday's event also acted as a rehearsal for a huge protest that will take place in London on Monday with other Red Rebels groups and Extinction Rebellion supporters.

The Red Rebels protested to draw attention to the extremely serious issues of the climate and ecological emergency.