THE Royal family meet a lot of different people on visits across the country -- but it's not often that they meet robots.

When the Duke of Cambridge visited Oxford today, he met hi-tech robots Bamm-Bamm and Betty, as well as getting to grips with a robotic arm.

Lars Kunze of the Oxford Robotics Institute explained that robotic assistant Bamm-Bamm was able to identify different objects and pick them up on command.

The Toyota powered intelligent machine was able to identify a plant pot on command and hand it to the Duke of Cambridge, after some prompting.

Bamm-Bamm spent a short while trying to identify the plant before grabbing hold of it.

When it did, it warned HRH to make sure he had a good hold of the shrub before it let go.

"Thank you," said the heir to the throne as Bamm-Bamm handed over the present.

Prince William has been visiting Oxford to open Keble College's new building today. 

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Oxford Mail:

Betty the Robot

The H B Allen centre is Keble's new centre for postgraduate studies.

It is a centre for groundbreaking research into robotics and virtual reality, and is also supporting tech and science start ups.