Swaggering Scouse indie-pop with plaintive trumpet, emotive lyrics and driving drums, Red Rum Club are this autumn’s band to watch.

The black-clad Liverpool six-piece have been going big guns since their debut Matador was released in January, hitting a high point, locally, with a stomping show in a packed out marquee at Truck Festival, near Steventon, this summer.

Their gritty lyric and guitar and horn-fuelled Western soundscapes have seen the band of Fran Doran, Tom Williams, Michael McDermott, Simon Hepworth, Neil Lawson and Joe Corby dubbed spaghetti western rock’n’roll. They certainly lasso the listener with their widescreen grandeur and bandito blues and Joe ‘The Blow’ Corby’s mariachi-style trumpet, which first found voice on live fave Angeline.

Fran says: “It’s a combination of the Bunnymen-esque guitar lines that we’re known for with powerful mariachi brass. We thought it would be a boss song to drive to as it has an undeniable raw power and so we initially named it Gasoline, which was later changed to Angeline to make the tune more personal. It’s always been a big feature of our live shows to open with and it’s definitely seen as a fan favourite. There’s just no other song better to set the mood for a RRC gig.”

Another crowd-pleaser is Would You Rather Be Lonely,

“We wanted to explore the idea of loneliness, but in an uplifting, heartwarming way,” says Fran.

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“It’s no secret that social media has a huge impact on our lives these days, for better or worse, and it was a case of thinking how we could portray breaking down these barriers in the video.

“We landed on the idea of putting strangers in close quarters with one another – something most people might find uncomfortable – and seeing what conversations and emotions came up.

“We managed to capture some really profound moments on camera, and some people really relished the opportunity to connect with someone they’d never met.

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We chose Mathew Street for the backdrop of this video as it’s a great little honeypot for the diverse characters of Liverpool. Having members of the public sing along in the choruses was a great way to make them feel more involved, which in itself helped create a feeling of togetherness.”

Now are back with more: new release, Kids Addicted, co-written with Rich Turvey of Blossoms.

“It’s is an observation we wanted to make on the modern age of social media and the effect it has on youth culture,” says Fran. “The constant interaction with a vast amount of people and the highs and lows of its addictive nature.”

Red Rum Club play the O2 Academy Oxford on Sunday. Tickets from ticketmaster.co.uk