Passengers have been reacting to the news that the X90 has been axed.

The Oxford Bus Company coach from Oxford to London, which runs from Gloucester Green, is being withdrawn on January 4.

The company says it has not taken the decision lightly.

It added that growing congestion has made journey times worsen by up to  50 per cent in two years.

Some commuters fear Stagecoach in Oxfordshire will increase the price of its Oxford Tube service once it has a monopoly.

Oxford Mail:

Cigarman told the Oxford Mail: "I have always enjoyed the X90 service, but taking almost an hour just to get out of the city, was always a pain."

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Kidlington Dave said: "The X90 service was always a very poor relation to the (Oxford) Tube but a lack of competition from January likely means Tube prices will increase."

Peanuts 98 was upset by the decision.

He said: "Such a shame for all concerned. An excellent service. Just cannot compete with Chiltern Line and roadworks."

Salix said it was a 'shame as the X90 was a great service and added: "Wonder what Oxfordshire County Council's new Connecting Oxfordshire plans will make of this? More cars?"

Oxford Mail:

King Joke responded: "The Connecting Oxford plans relate mainly to commuting to Eastern Arc employment sites - not a flow the X90 caters for.

"I imagine the Oxford Tube and the two rail services will take up almost all of the slack released by the demise of the X90."

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Stagecoach in Oxfordshire managing director Chris Coleman said the company was considering its options.

Oxford Mail:

He added: "Following the withdrawal of the X90 service, we are considering our resources and how we can help more customers needing to travel to and from London.

"At this stage it is too early in those discussions to confirm any actions. In the meantime, our services will run as normal.”

X90 passengers have also posted their reactions on the Oxford Mail's Facebook page.

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George Watkins said: "Having used this service for years casually, and to commute for the last year, I can honestly say I am not in the slightest bit surprised, or necessarily sad. The service that used to be relatively reliable became unbearably bad, coaches would simply not turn up with no explanation, and when they did the time keeping was so horrific it made it unfeasible to plan your day around travelling times.

Oxford Mail:

"Logic dictates that if congestion is the issue, coaches should still turn up at their regular intervals, just delayed, but this was never the case so the operating wasn’t good enough to survive."

Clare Ridley wrote: "The superb and affordable bus service to London is one aspect of living in oxford that I am proud of. It’s progressive and accessible to so many. Very bad retrograde decision."

Oxford Mail:

Ellouise Vine posted: "I use this service to travel to baker street as it's easier to get the underground I need from there. This is bad news for me it's now going to take me a lot longer to reach my destination on a weekly basis 🙄☹"

Steph Rayner wrote: "Would love to know what Oxford Tubes response to this will be- I commute regularly and most of their coaches are already rammed between 6 and 7am by the time they reach Thornhill and as most commuters live out of Oxford, that is our only point of being able to park as central Oxford is off limits."

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Prices for adult returns for both services were about the same.

The X90 charges £14 for a period return while Stagecoach charges £15 for an adult return.