A SCHOOL has said it is 'impressed' with pupils who have taken time to protest the climate crisis.

While many Oxford schools have discouraged children from skipping class to take part in the Youth Strike 4 Climate movement, St Barnabas CE Primary School in Jericho appears to have taken a different view.

Although not referring to the school strikes specifically, the school's newsletter last week said: "In school we teach democracy and free speech as part of our work on British values.

"We have been impressed by the passion of the children joining the Climate Change marches in Oxford."

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The only recent large-scale protests in the city have been that organised by the Youth Strike 4 Climate, the last of which saw hundreds of children crowd into Broad Street on September 20.

The letter referred to the upcoming mass protest planned by climate change activist group Extinction Rebellion, due to start in London on Monday.

Addressing parents, it said: "If you decide to take your child to the march on October 7, please collect them from school at 10.30am and return them as soon as possible.

"We are also encouraging children to get involved in our eco work where they can make an immediate difference.

"We are involved with the campaign for clean air and focus on recycling paper.

"There is no need for single use plastic to be brought into school as there are plenty of alternatives around."

Headteacher Karen Donaghey clarified that the school will not be authorising absence for children who take time out of class to protest, but added: "We are an eco-school and work hard to make sure we all do what we can to care for the environment."

Oxford city councillors will soon consider whether or not to support pupils who take time off from school for future climate strikes.