OXFORD East MP Anneliese Dodds has said hospitals in the city 'deserve better' after missing out on a share of the Government's NHS infrastructure funding.

The Labour MP has written to Health Secretary Matt Hancock calling for his department to explain the 'serious oversight'.

It was revealed this weekend that six trusts would be funded over the next five years to go ahead with their building plans, costing £2.7bn.

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A further 21 trusts will get £100m seed funding between them for building works on 34 hospitals for the period 2025 to 2030.

Ms Dodds said: “I’m concerned that no clear criteria have been released explaining why some areas have obtained funding for their hospitals, and others haven’t.

Oxford Mail:

“It’s also worrying that no funds are being devoted to mental health facilities, despite the clear need for investment."

Ms Dodds added: “Our local hospitals do an incredible job in Oxford and it seems unfair that they are not being provided here with any additional capital funding."

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She singled out the Warneford Hospital as being particularly deserving of capital investment.

She added: "It’s also been galling to see the costs of cladding-related measures being sucked up by our local trust, even though they were caused by national-level failures around the poor regulation of fire safety and building materials."